Olympic Park UCL East Campus development
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Monday 15th October 2018
6:30 PM

Gillespie centre, Clare College, Cambridge

Olympic Park UCL East Campus development

Speaker: Stanton Williams and Peter Studdert

UCL East will be an inspirational and accessible learning environment that challenges traditional models for higher education. It will provide new approaches to practical learning, opportunities for participation and public engagement, facilities for open innovation, and living spaces that are modern and sustainable. It will embody UCL’s commitment to creating and sharing knowledge for the benefit of all.

Our vision is that UCL East will break down barriers between traditional academic activities – across research, education, engagement and enterprise – and between disciplines. ‘UCL East’ captures our commitment to creating a vibrant, diverse and accessible campus in, of and for East London. It also captures our areas of focus – Experiment, Arts, Society & Technology. The campus will:

  • House activities that are new to UCL
  • Bring together cross-disciplinary expertise from the arts and humanities, engineering, design, culture and social sciences
  • Be open and highly collaborative with external organisations
  • Serve as a model for a new type of university campus, breaking down conventional barriers between research, education, innovation, public engagement and collaboration
  • Provide an outstanding environment for learning and scholarship for students, staff, collaborators and the public.