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Wayfinding Hackathon
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Saturday 25th November 2017
9:00 AM

Meet at Cambridge Station 09.00

Wayfinding Hackathon

Speaker: Varies

The CFCI members have been invited to take part either individually or in teams in Hack the City – Wayfinding – how is easy is it to get around Cambridge?

The problem – Cambridge is a congested city with over 206,000 cars coming in and out of the city every day, the city and the surrounding area is set to grow significantly over the next 15 years with approx. 35,000 houses being built which will put more pressure on the road network. The amount of cars moving around is also making the city more polluted impacting on the quality of life for residents and impacting on people’s health. One of the ways we can begin to make a difference is by travelling using more sustainable modes whether that’s walking, cycling or using public transport. However finding our way through the city or using the bus network isn’t always easy due to a lack of clear information whether that’s signs, maps, information on buses or quite routes, routes that have cleaner air or just more interesting routes through the city. The information we give should try to cater to a range of needs and make moving through both the city and the transport network as easy as possible.

The Challenge – You’ve never been to Cambridge and have just arrived at the main train station. We want your group to find the way to the Guildhall and then the Bradfield Centre on the science park and record this activity. You can take any route you choose and travel by any mode of transport, except for car (no taxis!). The notes/pictures/sketches/videos you gather will be used in an afternoon workshop where your team will come up with wayfinding solutions for Cambridge which are:

  • Easy to read, simple and accessible (both digital and physical);
  • Aimed at multiple user groups or focused towards key ‘audiences’, for example business, tourist, family, youth; and
  • Deliverable - taking into account buildability, affordability, partnerships, and community engagement.

The prizes – Prizes will be given in three categories;

  • Best wayfinding idea (maps/information/signs)
  • Best digital wayfinding idea
  • Best creative wayfinding solutions

The competition will be judged on the day by a line-up of experts (TBC)

The day

9.00 – Arrive at Cambridge Station for a briefing and Coffee

9.00 – 12.00 you’ll have three hours to make your way to the Guildhall and then on to the Bradfield Centre

12.00-13.00 – Start working on your ideas

13.00 – 13-45 – Lunch at the Bradfield Centre

13.45 – 15.45 Work up ideas and pitch

15.45 – 16.45 Pitches – drinks

16.45 -17.00 Judges decision and wrap up

We’ve finished the day what now?

Turning ideas into reality – so ideas are great but its actions that make a difference. If there are ideas that come forward that could practically help, we’re committed to finding the right funding and delivery mechanism to make them happen.

You can register for the event here -

..and view the flyer for the event here.