Powering Cambridge: Is Cambridge out of electricity?

Powering Cambridge: Is Cambridge out of electricity?
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Monday 15th January 2018
6:30 PM

The Gillespie Centre, Clare College off Queens’ Road, Cambridge.

Powering Cambridge: Is Cambridge out of electricity?

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There are major electrical infrastructure issues which are potentially restricting the ‘Cambridge phenomenon’ and in particular the life sciences expansion in the Southern Cluster and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, together with the University’s North West Cambridge development.

UKPN are adopting their statutory position of reacting to infrastructure demands on a first application basis.  The presentation will include the current constraints, infrastructure requirements, the details of a proposed innovation strategy and the potential for ‘trading access rights’ and local mapping of future developments.

The innovation strategy is likely to take a National profile due to the implications of Cambridge’s development and is to be sponsored by the National Infrastructure Commission [NIC].  A major consultation exercise will be undertaken during 2018 engaging with existing major sites and forward major demand analysis for all significant Public and Private developments coming forward.

Future developments in the Cambridge area will be analysed for the next 10 years, which should hopefully assist with the new generation of electric cars.

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