Storey's Field Centre

Storey's Field Centre
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Thursday 13th June 2019
6:30 PM

Storey's Field Centre, Eddington Avenue, Cambridge CB3 1AA

Storey's Field Centre

MUMA Architects will showcase their Award Winning design of the Storey’s Field Centre in Eddington.  This building creates a balance of function, sustainability, acoustic performance and expression of materials. The patterned brickwork of the enclosing wall acts to break up the reflections of music or speech to provide a good acoustic, but also suggests patterns of geology in the surrounding landscape. The amount of daylight or the feel of the acoustics can be changed by simply dropping or rising blinds so users can control the environment without complex management systems. Even the access stair to the plant on the roof is via a sculptural spiral staircase that takes its part in performances.

This is an example of the very best in British architectural design.

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