The Objectives of the forum are:

To promote a wider understanding and appreciation of the construction industry and to enhance it's reputation with those who employ it and with the general public.

To develop and maintain friendly relations and to secure mutual support and co-operation among the members of the Forum and among professions, trade associations, trades unions and other bodies connected with or otherwise interested in the construction industry.

To secure the free exchange of information, to monitor events, trends and developments within or affecting the construction industry generally and particularly in the Cambridge area and to make private or public comment thereon either independently or in conjunction with any other body.

To promote discussion on matters of a technical, philosophical, political, social, legal or topical nature relevant to the construction industry and the society it serves.

To promote any charitable, educational, or other public object connected with the construction industry and particularly in the Cambridge area.

To do all such things as are incidental ancillary or conducive to the attainment of the aforementioned object or any of them.