Research into Low Carbon Concrete

February 3, 2020 - February 6, 2020

Gillespie Centre, Clare College, Cambridge

With recent climate emergency debates declaring that concrete should be eliminated from buildings, the CFCI has invited leaders from academia and industry to provide a perspective on our most important construction material. Dr James Campbell from the architecture department will provide an historic context of concrete in architecture, in particular in relation to the development of Cambridge buildings. Dr Jonathan Cullen (Department of Engineering) will give a global overview of the concrete industry and options for reducing demand for concrete. Professor Abir Al-Tabbaa (Department of Engineering) will present the latest research on concrete in the context of developing nature-inspired infrastructure – including self-healing concrete. Finally, Dr Kostas Koutselas from the DB Group (a specialist developer of concrete admixtures) will show how our industry is rising to the challenge of low carbon concrete.’